Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exclusive Photos From The Black Carpet of The Hunger Games World Premiere

Hello citizens, my name is Denise Bedikian and I am the newest member of the Welcome to District 12 team. I had the awesome opportunity to go to the World Premiere of The Hunger Games Movie and because I camped out, I got to take many pictures of all the stars on the black carpet.

The awesome tickets to the fan viewing area on the black carpet.
I’ll be posting my experiences on my journey from The Hob to the Premiere later, but we wanted to show you guys some EXCLUSIVE pictures on the Black Carpet after the cut!

Here I am waiting for the photographers to get settled before the premiere.

I wanted to give a special shout out to my camping buddies at The Hob, including Natasha from TheFandom.Net, The Capitol.PN District 2 Mayor Aldrin, Taylor and Nancy who came all the way from North Carolina, and Flo from Down With The Capitol
Here’s an awesome picture of Taylor and Nancy who dressed up like Capitol citizens!

And Aldrin who really LOVES Alexander Ludwig

Some Girl Scouts who camped out in hopes to meet the cast

The black carpet before all the stars arrived.

Sam Tam, one of the first arrivals, who played the doomed District 8 Tribute

Ian Nelson, District 3 Tribute

Mackenzie Lintz, District 8 Tribute

Nelson Ascencio, Flavius, one of the hilarious members of the prep team
Karen Kendrick, Atala the Training Center Trainer (say that three times fast)

Brooke Bundy, Octavia, another member of Katniss’ prep team
Ethan Jamieson, District 4 Tribute
Annie Thurman, District 9 Tribute

Dakota Hood, District 10 Tribute (with bonus Ethan!)

Amber Chaney, One of the Avoxes (possibly Lavinia)

Latarsha Rose, Portia, Peeta’s Stylist (who was wearing one of my favorite dresses of the night!)

Kalia Prescott, District 3 Tribute

Imanol Yepez-Frias, District 9 Tribute

Jack Quaid, Marvel, who I am officially in love with

Jack Quaid handing back a Tribute Guide to a fan, in a very strange and hilarious way (maybe you had to be there)

Dayo Okeniyi, Katniss’ hero Thresh! Who, I must say, looked especially FLY, and was the only cast member who wore a Mockingjay pin (what was up with that? I wore one. We matched, Dayo. That means that we’re meant to be, obviously.)

Our girl Amandla Stenberg, the cutest, most perfect Rue, who made the WtoD12 team hysterically cry during the film

Dayo and Amandla just finishing the cutest hug. Go District 11!

Leven Rambin, the most gorgeous Glimmer who shined in her form fitting red dress

Willow Shields, Katniss’ adorable sister Prim, whose reaping was the catalyst for the story

Isabelle Fuhrman, the frightening Clove, who looked gorgeous, but still seems to scare me anyway

Chris Mark, District 5 Tribute

Kara Petersen, District 6 Tribute

Leigha Hancock, District 7 Tribute

The Costume Design team who made the INCREDIBLE outfits that are featured in the film. (Seriously, my mind was blown at the amazing costumes!)

Jackie Emerson’s adorable sisters, who I had to take a picture of because they were so cute

And Miss Foxface herself, Jackie Emerson, who looked stunning in her emerald green dress

This was a picture that I HAD to take. The one actor I completely freaked out for. Your President Snow, Donald Sutherland! (and myself!)
Let's get one of Snow alone.

The Secret Sisters, one of the bands featured on the soundtrack

Miranda Lambert! Also featured on the soundtrack.

One of the other actors who I nerded out for, Toby Jones!

Seneca Crane (without the awesome beard) himself, Wes Bentley! (Who I’ve been completely in love with since American Beauty, btw.)

Sadly the chaos that surrounded Suzanne Collins prevented any good photos to be taken, but I was too in awe to care.

Alexander Ludwig, the scariest Tribute ever, Cato, posing with friend of District 12, Aldrin

I don't know what happened here, but Alexander seems really excited.

The Incomparable Effie Trinket, Elizabeth Banks!

Mr. Gale Hawthorne, Liam Hemsworth looking mighty handsome!

The sweetest, most amusing actor ever, The Boy With The Bread, District 12 Tribute, Sensitive Baker Problem-having, Peeta Mellark playing JOSH HUTCHERSON!

And the woman that I am in lesbians with, the beautiful, silly, completely insane, bow and arrow wielding, ridiculously breathtakingly sexy, Katniss Everdeen playing JENNIFER LAWRENCE!

Unfortunately, my camera was dying by the end of the premiere and kept shutting off after every picture due to low battery, so the pictures at the end are scarce, but we will be posting all the pictures on Welcome To District 12’s Facebook page later. We’ll keep you updated on that.

I had the most amazing time (even though my shoes hated me) seeing/meeting all these incredible actors. Every single one of them ignored the paparazzo’s incessant (and often rude) screaming to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. They were so sweet and they all looked amazing! I think I almost had a heart attack when our heroine herself, Jennifer Lawrence, stopped right in front of me.

But as amazing as an experience this was, the movie itself BLEW MY MIND! I can’t wait for you all to see it and I hope you all get the opportunity to meet the cast.

Thanks to Courtney and Tiffany for welcoming me to District 12! BYE!!!