Under the Fence

Fence trampled due to inconvenient firebombing. Currently under reconstruction.

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Hosted by fan experts Savanna New and Adam Spunberg, they have been gracious enough to have both Tiffany and Courtney appear on several episodes. Listen to past episodes here.

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Formerly a staff writer, our very own Tiffany wrote many posts for this spectacular Hunger Games blog (check out her posts here). It's a no-crap-tell-it-like-it-is blog about all the happenings in the Hunger Games universe. Make sure you visit them regularly!

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Without a doubt, one of the best Hunger Games fan sites around!! They inspired us to start our own fan site journey, and offer fans oodles of news and resources!
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Ever wish there was a place you could go online where you could experience EVERY SINGLE NERDISM AT ONCE? Look no further, for TheFandom.net is here! This wonderful website is a place where fans of all different walks of fandom come together to share ideas, play games, and explore new fandoms!

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Get Hunger Games news and art in a deliciously in-universe way, delivered straight from the Ministry of Propaganda in Panem. They also have a shop full of truly stellar art inspired by Panem that you can buy for fans!

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Hunger Games Forum
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