Friday, October 9, 2015

Mockingjay Pt2 Countdown - Chapter 23

Chapter 23

video by Denise

After the tragedy that happened in the previous chapter, Cressida leads the remaining members of the Star Squad into a fur underwear store (if you couldn't tell from the commercial above) run by a woman named Tigris, a rebel ally. Based on what we've seen of Tigris from the final trailer and Nina Jacobson's tweet about the set for Tigris' shop, the set is going to be AMAZING.

Tigris is revealed to be Plutarch's contact. She doesn't have a chance to contact him in the books, but it's possible she does in the movie to give us a chance to see what Plutarch and Coin are up to, specially since Tigris tells Katniss that no one knows what to do with her.

After a particularly heavy round of Real or Not Real with Peeta, Katniss falls asleep and has a weird dream involving Effie. Since Effie has been written into the movie, it's possible she might have a different dream or for the dream sequence be cut in favor of other things, but I feel like Effie will be involved in some way since Tigris used to be a stylist for the Hunger Games.

The next day, Katniss comes clean about the fact that she made up the secret mission Coin gave her and surprise, surprise, no one is surprised. This also includes another one of my favorite Peeta lines from the book, “I think…you still have no idea. The effect you can have.” I hope they keep that!

At comic-con Liam Hemsworth said one of the things he was excited about was the conversation Gale and Peeta have. They talk about who Katniss loves more. The Peeta-Gale-Katniss "love triangle" is something the press likes to talk about a lot so I'm sure this'll be a pretty weighty scene. The love triangle is obviously not what the movies or the books are about, but it's still a thing that we cannot get away from because drama. The movies have always handled this pretty well, though, so I'm curious to see what it'll be like.