Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jeffrey Wright's #piratetransmission: Ebola Survival Fund PSA

Hello friends! It has certainly been a while. Though we have come out of the Mockingjay Part 1 premiere as victors (it was close, but Courtney made it out mostly unscathed), it pretty much wiped us out for a while. That, and the fact that we took a break for the Holidays, is the reason why we haven't been around much. But fear not! It is almost 2015 and we are back!

Jeffrey Wright has been teasing us about a pirate transmission earlier this week and yesterday, the transmission has been revealed! Check out this PSA on Ebola with Jeffrey and a few of the people from the Mockingjay cast:

The Ebola Survival Fund will support a coalition of community-based organizations working in Liberia and Sierra Leone in order to complement the efforts of the larger-scale programs being implemented by international organizations. All programming funded by the Ebola Survival Fund will support existing national plans in both Liberia and Sierra Leone in coordination with the United Nations Ebola response effort in order to fill key gaps in communities in rural areas. The Ebola Survival Fund is grateful to UNICEF for its support.

Partners In Health, BRAC, Wellbody Alliance, Last Mile Health, Shine On Sierra Leone, Taia Peace Foundation & Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa are joining forces to crush Ebola now.

With your support, we can bring a permanent end to this epidemic. We can increase survival rates and assist Liberian and Sierra Leonean communities and community-focused groups in their efforts to respond to the crisis, survive…then thrive.

For more information, please visit: www.EbolaSurvivalFund.org

Ebola Survival Fund