Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Hunger Games Exhibition - San Francisco

The Hunger Games Exhibition is in San Francisco! It's been open since February, and the engagement has been pushed back to sometime in July. That means fans have four months left to enjoy what is, in my opinion, the greatest Hunger Games experience for fans out there. It won't stay there forever, so we highly recommend check out the exhibit for yourself. It's highly interactive, educational, and a nice trip down memory lane for long time fans. It's also located at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, a sight to see in itself.

Check out photos from the exhibit. For those who plan on

Introduction of the tour. Projected schematics from Production Designer Phil Messina.

Pin of legend.

Interactive map of Panem

Download the app or take the audio tour to experience some AR holograms.

Arena props such as the illustrious #OrangeBackpack


Make sure to check out the fan gallery! It's got some great fan art!
Also, the gift shop is any fan's dream!

And finally, here's a green screen experience you can actually buy at the exhibit:

The Hunger Games Exhibition website - Buy Tickets