Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mockingjay Part 2 Blu-Ray EASTER EGG! - Complete code list!

Here we are again, another Blu-Ray release means another hunt for hidden easter eggs!

Thanks to Quarter Quell and @SnowMustFall for figuring out how to access the hidden deleted scenes. In addition to your Mockingjay Part 2 Blu-Ray (out March 22nd, though some have had it sent early), you're also going to need the Mockingjay Part 1 Blu-Ray.

When you put the Part 2 Blu-Ray in, click the BLUE button on your remote during Lionsgate logo when the top menu animation begins. Keep pressing it until something happens and the above image will show up. You will be given three random character codes to input. Each code is for an extra deleted scene.

These codes can be found on Mockingay Part 1 Blu-ray. It's a combination of codes on the side of the menu that cycle through character stills on both the rebel menu and the capitol menu. There's also a chance you might get Antonius, which can only be found on the pop-up menu when the movie is playing.

We've spared you the trouble of restarting your blu-ray over and over by providing you guys with a complete list of all the character codes:

Katniss - DK498T
Egeria - 5PC4WT
Gale - JH3491
Haymitch - W0DH5N
Caesar Flickerman - KM603E
Prim - MGK67I
Annie - D0438K
Paylor - C0MRD8
Castor - GJ09WN
Plutarch - HU43IU
Coin - 56M74H
Peeta - HJ4306
Mrs. Everdeen - 6U78HG
Snow - T59B4R
Cressida - C8S51D
Effie - FE7RK8
Finnick - P09RFM
Boggs - 49FQ6X
Beetee - O8ER3M
Pollux - SQ3994
Johanna - 5O0YU3
Mesalla - 38KG04
Antonius - 9LNV72
Buttercup - 9BTCP9

Unlocking the three character codes gets you three deleted scenes:

1. Katniss video chat with Haymitch - "We made a deal to save him, remember?"

2. Star Squad looting for food in Capitol apartment

3. Katniss sewing up Gale's wound, Tigris' basement

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We'll be releasing reviews of the Blu-Ray and 4 Film Collection once we comb through all the new features so stay tuned...