Thursday, August 4, 2011

#PanemOctober is back.......and so are the Gamemakers.

After all that happened with the Panem October stuff, it has finally returned. Just before their unfortunate absence DWTC did an exclusive article with the Gamemakers. Now that their back, they've had a few more new things to say:

DWTC: Many of the Districts have created tumblr pages and facebook groups, and seem to be bent on Rebellion. Are you monitoring these pages?
HG: The Capitol does have record of popular groups and is monitoring them very closely. A Rebellion does not seem likely, but that doesn’t stop us from watching over people like Tumblr’s FYD12 and The Capitol is Watching. They are aware of our monitoring systems, so we do not deny doing so.

Check out the rest of DWTC's exclusive interview HERE

 OOOOOO we're shaking in our boots, gamemakers. Bring it on!