Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Catching Fire Blu-Ray/DVD Info

Hello Friends! In case you are not caught up, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital/On Demand etc on March 7! If you have not pre-ordered yet, here is a handy guide with information on what you will get when you buy or pre-order from a retailer near you!


This Target 3-Disc Combo Pack! You get Catching Fire in DVD, Blu-Ray and as a digital download. It also comes with a bonus CD with TONS of additional content and exclusive Target featurettes. If you pre-order, you also get a free fabric poster! Cool stuff.

To preorder and or read up on all the additional stuff that comes with this combo pack, click here!


Walmart has a double feature combo pack in Blu-Ray or DVD, so you get The Hunger Games and Catching Fire in one purchase! Perfect for mini-marathons!
You can preorder the Blu-Ray pack by clicking here, and the DVD pack by clicking here!

Best Buy

This is pretty cool. If you buy your Catching Fire DVD at Best Buy, you get it in fancy steelbook packaging AND you get $8 in Fandango Cash to use towards a movie ticket to see Divergent! We do not have a link to pre-order from Best Buy yet but watch out for it!