Monday, March 3, 2014

Nina Jacobson Tweets About Tigris!

This is great news! There was no casting news announced for Tigris, but she and her shop play a big enough part in the movie that I'd assumed there was no way it would be omitted. It's always great to get confirmation though!

For those of you who have forgotten, Tigris was a Hunger Games Stylist-turned-shopkeeper who has had her appearance altered to look like a tiger. She hid Katniss, Peeta and the rest of the survivors from Squad 451 in her shop cellar, which Nina Jacobson also tweeted about!

What do you think Tigris and her shop is gonna look like? I will probably never be (emotionally) ready for the heartbreaking real/not real moments in Tigris' cellar but I am SO EXCITED to actually see it come to life in (probably part 2 of) Mockingjay!

Nina Jacobson on Twitter