Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

Like my silly graphic?

One year ago, I was tired of not being able to talk to any of my friends about the Hunger Games. I had read the trilogy a month previously thanks to my mother's suggestion and her Kindle, and felt like I was about to burst. I had to talk to someone about it that wasn't my mom (sorry Mom, you know I love you!). Meanwhile, Tiffany (my long time friend and admin) would say things like "I know! It's on my Kindle, let me just get through this Harry Potter reread and then I'll get to it!" every time I poked her about it. I nagged her about it every time I saw her like any other Hunger Games fan would.

So at this point I knew Tiffany would not be long, but too long for me to wait around. I was in danger of bursting at the Seams (see what I did there?) if I didn't get into a Hunger Games discussion with someone. I had recently found the wonder of the display of the human condition and culture that is TUMBLR. So I thought, "What the hell"? F***YeahDistrict12 was born.

Definitely one of the best decisions I've made. Ever since I have started my online Hunger Games journey, it has made me extremely satisfied and happy to connect with so many other people who share this same love of this incredible story. Before I knew it, someone known as the "Gamemakers Anon" was sending me messages about something about "Panem October", and WABAM! next thing I know I'm listening to the BEST PODCAST EVER, The HG Fireside Chat. This of course, led me to practically live on Twitter and chat with other Hunger Games people who I would definitely call my friends. I have come to care and love these people. We collaborate, talk about random things, and support each other's blogs. It's a fantastic community, and am very honored to be a part of it.