Friday, October 28, 2011

Hunger Games Poster Reaction Smackdown

How excited where you when The Hunger Games released the official character posters? Personally, I was beside myself. Maybe it was on Lionsgate's marketing schedule, or maybe they just felt too guilty for making us wait for what seems like eons for the Josh Hutcherson interview and/or the official trailer. So they threw us a bone. Whatever the case, it seems everyone pretty much had the same experience when the posters were released:


First of all, love the way they have been going about all their promos, one sheets, etc. for the movie. Releasing these posters only solidified that they're theme/design for their marketing is classy and simple.

Yay: Katniss' poster is the only one facing the opposite direction. Fan artists, go nuts by pairing Katniss with your choice of romantic interest! Also, she most definitely looks 16 here.

Nay: [Warning: The following Nay applies to all the posters]
The Hunger Games treatment is slightly.....awkward. The only problem really is the movie title itself, which is slowly making it's way into the character photo. I expect more out of the Hunger Games marketing team. This should have been addressed before approval.


Nay: No nay here!

Yay: Gale looks awesome. Not much to say here, Liam doesn't need to do much.

Nay: We all know that posters like these are airbrushed and retouched. That's cool, it's kind of the way things are when it comes to movie posters. However, Gale's is the only one that is EXTREMELY noticeable. Just a little too blur happy.

Yay: Haymitch looks pretty snazzy here! Definitely in his capitol clothes. It's kind of amusing because any outsider who stumbles upon this poster not familiar with the story has no idea what it means to be Haymitch.

Nay: Um, hair? What's going on here? I guess we will just have to see!

Yay: PERFECTION. Gold eyeliner. This man is Cinna and I cannot wait to see him play this character.

Nay: Nothing wrong here!

 Yay: I had my doubts awhile ago about Elizabeth Banks, but I'm sold now. She looks perfect. The way the light falls on her in this poster illustrates everything that is....EFFIE!

Nay: No nay here!

Yay: :'( ::sniff:: I.......I......::falls to knees:: RUUUUUUUUUUUUE!!!!!!

Yay: I think Cato looks pretty cool here. I like the idea that he's not super evil looking, just....confident. He knows he's got it in the bag and I think that shows on his face in this poster.

Nay: No nay here!

That's all folks! Those are my thoughts! Now, don't forget to tune in tonight 10 ET/ 7 PT for a very special episode of the HGFiresideChat. They will be talking about the posters! Unfortunately I'll be working so I won't be able to live tweet with you all. Enjoy the podcast for me!