Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hunger Games Trailer Reaction (Without Spoilers)

Yesterday Tiffany and I went to Lionsgate to see a screening of The Hunger Games trailer that will be released on Monday. We even had lunch with Arianna from Down With The Capitol and Amie from HG Girl on Fire beforehand! It was a glorious day.

Naturally since we found out we would be attending this screening, we had total anxiety about it. Obviously we couldn't let anyone know on twitter or anywhere we would be seeing it, not to mention the fact that personally, I still wasn't ready to see scenes from this beloved trilogy come to life on screen. Whenever Tiffany and I would start a conversation about it, we'd always end up going "No, I can't even talk about it." followed by some weird manly guttural sound. This isn't even because we were going to Lionsgate, we were having anxiety about just seeing the trailer.

So we waited anxiously in the lobby for someone to talk to us, counting down the minutes. Soon we met Kimmy from, and then the Lionsgate people, who could not have been nicer! They were genuinely excited to have us, and saying how proud they were to show this off. You could tell how excited they were about their product which is a GREAT sign.

So not long after sitting down in our seats did they show the trailer. My heart started beating so fast, I almost couldn't handle it. I had to breathe slowly because the anticipation was truly freaking me out. Tiffany and I held hands.

Two and a half minutes later...

I have my head in my lap because I am crying. In fact, almost everyone was. I don't normally cry in movies (with the exception of the last Harry Potter movie) let alone a trailer. All I am saying is that if you love these books as much as I do, you may want to bring a tissue because it's a little intense. AWESOME INTENSE. I guarantee you guys are going to be so relieved, so happy, and so excited about this movie.

What I loved most about this whole experience is Lionsgate genuine love of this project. You can tell when everyone was talking about it how excited they were about it, and that they could not wait to show it to us. Guys, we have a great thing here. We have studio support and they actually CARE about the fans, what we think, what we want to see and what we don't want to see. We are in great hands.

So, make sure you guys TUNE IN to Good Morning America on Monday morning to see JOSH HUTCHERSON present the trailer. It will show up on iTunes shortly after, as well as it being officially uploaded to YouTube. Make sure you guys watch it on YouTube many times!

Lastly, just a reminder that Lionsgate did tell us that the trailer will indeed be attached to Twilight: Breaking Dawn. I really do recommend you see the trailer on the big screen!

If you want to see other fan site reactions of the trailer, head on over to Down With The Capitol's fansite reaction post!

When you finally do get to see the trailer, feel free to let us know your thoughts! You can let us know in the comments, our Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter!

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