Monday, August 6, 2012

Merchandise at Toys R Us!

I went to Toys R Us today to pick up the Katniss barbie, and amazingly they had more merchandise available, even more than they had before! Check it out:

Messenger Bags!

Pens! That's also a Mockingjay patch below it.
Mockingjay ring!
Hunger Games band bracelet

"Down With The Capitol" snap bracelet

Character buttons!

District buttons!
Hunger Games headbands?!
Composition books. Yea, I bought one.
Bandaids and where would you be without this Peeta jewelry box?

That's all I could find, and this particular store seemed to be ransacked. I imagine they will get more merchandise in, and this won't be the only place to get it! We've heard that Target will be the go to place for Hunger Games merchandise as we near the Hunger Games DVD release date! Happy shopping!