Thursday, December 6, 2012

HUZZAH! Danny Strong CONFIRMED as Mockingjay Screenwriter


As far as we've heard, fans are stoked at the prospect of Danny Strong writing Mockingjay. In case you've missed our past coverage on the matter, rumors first hit the web in October and a few weeks later Elizabeth Banks posted about him on her blog. Since then, we've not heard a peep from Lionsgate (we even tried to find confirmation for ourselves) that is until today!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, they have posted an article with Danny Strong who talks in depth about his achievements this past year, at the very end he mentions Mockingjay:

As for Mockingjay — I can say very little about it. I was approached to pitch on it, and I just literally holed myself up for a week and came up with a presentation for two movies. I pitched my little heart out, and got the job. I literally can’t say anything else — I will just get in trouble. It’s, like, Defcon 5 on security over there. It’s really crazy.

 Read the entire article over at EW

Well at last we have confirmation, and we are so so stoked. We are confident in Danny Strong's ability to honor the Mockingjay story, and am very glad to hear Lionsgate is trying to keep a lid on it all.

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