Friday, September 19, 2014

Mockingjay Part 1 COUNTDOWN - Week 4

Thanks for tuning into part four of The Mockingjay Part 1 Countdown!

Week four starts off immediately where week three ends, with the shocking revelation of Katniss’ prep team chained to a wall, abused and half starved. I think this is one of the most pivotal scenes in part one of Mockingjay because this is the moment that Katniss really sees that the atrocities of President Snow’s reign exist in President Coin’s rule as well.

She finds out her prep team had been smuggled out of the Capitol the night that Katniss and her fellow victors were rescued from the arena. As Tiffany pointed out, we think there is a big chance that Effie will also be in this scene. Effie is our only real link to Katniss’ team in the movies since we never really got a chance to know the rest of the team intimately.

We find out the prep team is being punished for stealing an extra slice of bread because for the first time in their lives, food is a precious commodity. And as any fan knows, bread is practically it’s own character in the books.

After consoling her traumatized prep team, Katniss demands their release. With Plutarch’s authority, they take the team to Katniss’ mother to be looked over. While her team is examined, Katniss shares her thoughts with Plutarch and Gale. In the books, Plutarch’s assistant is also there, but we believe her character will be replaced with more Effie (yay!). Katniss has come to the conclusion that her prep team being punished is a warning to Katniss and her friends and no matter who Katniss is and what she demands, Coin is in charge.

When Katniss is assured her prep team is physically all right, she is finally able to put one of her demands as Mockingjay to use. She is able to hunt again. Gale and Katniss finally get a chance at being themselves as they work together. When they are finishing up they discuss why Katniss is so affected by her prep teams abuse. This, I believe, is the first real example they will show of the fundamental difference between Katniss and Gale. While Gale is angry at the entire Capitol, Katniss realizes that most of their citizens are also victims.

The two hunters give their spoils to the kitchens and Katniss waits for Coin’s announcement. As Katniss joins the assembly, she runs into Finnick and is reminded to seek Annie Cresta’s immunity as well as the kidnapped victors. Coin agrees to this amendment and announces Katniss’ consent to be the Mockingjay in return for the other victors’ pardons. Then Coin adds her own addendum. If Katniss is insubordinate in any way, she and her fellow victors’ lives are on the line.