Friday, September 26, 2014


Welcome back to another edition of our Mockingjay Part 1 Countdown! Week 5 brings something I have been misty eyed over ever since Mockingjay came out: The Mockingjay bow. When I first read chapter 5, I just thought that as a hero Katniss has to have a signature weapon which is a common occurrence in epic storytelling. Katniss basically gets her Master Sword, and thus she becomes The Mockingjay of Time.

During this chapter, Beetee takes Katniss and Gale down into the depths of District 13. They visit the armory and weapons lab so Beetee can give them their upgrades for the upcoming war. What's different now is that much more has been revealed to us: The weapons lab can be seen (for a second) in the full trailer and Gale's character poster shows the bow and arrow (now crossbow) loaded with gadgetry. I've always loved imagining what these fantastic weapons looked like, especially the Mockingjay bow. There's mystery in it as well. It is voice activated and Katniss does mention it has a voice override. I have a zillion questions about how that works and would love to see every detail of it come to life in the film. I doubt the bow would talk, but I am super intrigued as to what it would sound like.

This chapter also holds a very important moment for fans, and that would be Haymitch's entrance into Mockingjay -- "And that, my friends, is how a revolution dies." I am hoping this gem makes it to the screen if only that Mockingjay desperately needs comic relief. Francis Lawrence is no stranger to that and he did in fact mention there would be some particularly in Effie. I think many fans are looking forward to see this moment occur on screen, and some may even be disappointed if it is absent. I'll understand if it stays on the cutting room floor, but I would enjoy seeing an awkward Katniss try and act angry.

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