Monday, August 24, 2015

Mockingjay 5th Anniversary Snapchat Giveaways!

5 years ago my mother was boasting to me about her kindle downloading Mockingjay automatically at midnight. The future is now!! .......or rather it was then. We were on a family trip at the time and my mom continued to gush to me as well as my aunts and cousins the intrigue that was The Hunger Games. Little did I know I would read those three books about a week later and my life would forever be changed. - Courtney


Mockingjay is 5 years old today! To celebrate, there will be giveaways all week long on the official Hunger Games snapchat! Here's what you'll see in their story today:



Follow Mockingjaypt2 on Snapchat and send them a snap of you with your copy of Mockingjay and you can win the gift of Mockingjay for a friend! Make sure you check out their stories every day all week to see if there are any new announcements!