Friday, August 14, 2015

Mockingjay Pt2 Countdown - Chapter 15

Chapter 15

MMM what you saaaaayyyyy.... our extremely accurate account of the end of Chapter 15 will for sure be shown EXACTLY like this. Complete with Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek". (Thank you, The OC for the most melodramatic shooting scene in the world and SNL for parodying that scene in their skit "Dear Sister" years later.)

The beginning of the end of Katniss and Gale's relationship, where Gale's suggestion to trap the citizens of District 2 in the Nut and force them to either die or surrender. Katniss is reminded of her father's death and this moment heavily foreshadows Prim's untimely end.

I'm hoping that this is the turning point in Gale's destructive arc. So far he's been a very sympathetic character and his bloodthirsty attitude towards the Capitol has been downplayed. Katniss' horror at his suggestion is shared with others, though his suggestion is agreed upon.

I'm excited to see the avalanche and destruction shown onscreen. We've had glimpses of huge destruction in the trailer which will look amazing! I also hope we will have some sort of flashback to Katniss' fathers death and how similar it is to the people who will die in the Nut.

While they are executing the destruction, Haymitch relays to Katniss the effort to break Peeta out of his hijacked brain by playing "The Hanging Tree". It is the first time he responds to a video of Katniss without anger, because it had not been played for him. Peeta is reminded of Katniss' father singing the song, which is the second time we are reminded of her father, so fingers crossed.

This then leads to a huge moment in the book which will most definitely show up in the movie as they ask Katniss to make a speech to the injured folk who have escaped the Nut to join her against The Capitol. When she asks them to join her, Katniss ends up watching herself get shot by an unknown assailant in the crowd as we so beautifully reenacted.

The Shooter

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