Friday, August 7, 2015

Mockingjay Pt2 Countdown - Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“The next person who suggests we take the entrances better have a brilliant way to do it because you’re going to be the one leading that mission!” - Commander Lyme

And we’re back with another chapter of Mockingjay in our countdown.

In this chapter, Katniss describes District 2 as a combination quarry/Capitol military base. Because the Capitol’s Peacekeepers and military resources come from 2, the District is thought to be spoiled relative to the other districts, making them the toughest holdouts to the resistance. However, the rebellion resonated with the stonecutters and miners. The center of the District, nicknamed the “Nut”, is a military base cut into a mountain, and the rebels are challenged with how to take it.

At this point, Katniss has been in District 2 for two weeks. She gets a sense of freedom there, being away from the restrictions of District 13. She explains that she is often moved from place to place to keep her safe, and she provides some of the game she has hunted to her host family as incentive to house her.

She also reflects on Peeta’s situation. Katniss is in communication with Plutarch and Haymitch back in 13 who give her reports on Peeta’s progress. Throughout the chapter, it’s clear she’s lost hope that she’ll ever see the Peeta she knows again. It’s unclear whether or not Haymitch and/or Plutarch will stay behind in the movie, since it’s possible that Prim could be the one to update Katniss on Peeta’s progress.

Beetee and Gale soon join Katniss in District 2, as part of a team to strategize on how the rebels could take the Nut. Gale and Katniss talk and make out for a bit, and Gale explains when he started to have feelings for her. It’s unlikely the movie will have the same conversation since Darius isn’t in the movies, however a similar version may appear, mostly Gale’s comments on how with Peeta’s current state Katniss isn’t free to be with him.

This chapter introduces Lyme, the commander in 2 and former Hunger Games victor, to be played by Gwendoline Christie. Though she’s a background character in the books, restricted to the District 2 chapters, it’s very likely that Lyme will have a bigger role in the movies. Here, Lyme expresses frustration with the failed attempts to take the Nut, but Gale, with Beetee’s support, offers a different perspective. Comparing taking the Nut to a wild dog den, Gale suggests using explosions to cause avalanches to block the entrances. Boggs points out that the plan risks killing everyone inside, and Katniss realizes that Gale doesn’t intend to keep the people inside alive with his plan. It’s very likely this scene will go down in the movie very similarly to in the book, if not expanded on in the movie. The description of Gale’s trap is key foreshadowing for the climax of the movie, so this scene is doubly important to include in the movie.

We’re excited to see District 2 and especially looking forward to see how Lyme’s character will fit into the narrative.

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