Monday, December 21, 2015

Mockingjay Pt 2 Countdown: EPILOGUE


And here we are, this is the bittersweet ending to not only the movie series, but also our Mockingjay Countdown posts! To celebrate that, check out some of our favorite countdown post artwork!

Chapter 15

mmmmmm whatcha sayyyyy // video by Denise featuring Denise and Courtney

Chapter 16

the Odair-Cresta wedding was GREAT but we didn't get to see the cake! Luckily, we know what it would have looked like. // graphic by me (Janine)
Chapter 22

:( // video by Denise

Chapter 23

we LOVE Tigris and her shop (and Eugenie Bondurat who is gorgeous and super nice in person) and this commercial is probably our favorite video! Tigris, if/when your shop opens up again, call us! // video by Denise

Chapter 25

We didn't get to see Katniss' parachute-induced dream, but you can't help but imagine this exact thing when you read it! // Art by Courtney

Chapter 27

Katniss' book. Ending the countdown with all the feels! // Graphic by Tiffany

And now let's talk about the Epilogue!

We’re sure the epilogue presented a slight challenge for the movie adaptation, since there is no voiceover from Katniss. The overall message of the epilogue was there, but instead of Katniss telling the readers, she’s speaking sweetly to her baby.

In the book, Katniss has an older girl with dark hair and a younger boy with blond hair, but since the movie used Jennifer Lawrence’s nephews, this is different. Katniss mentions the Hunger Games more directly in the book’s epilogue, saying that they’re taught about in school and that their daughter knows that Peeta and Katniss played a role. Despite these changes, the epilogue for the movie definitely fit the tone of the book’s epilogue without making it longer than it had to be.

Both epilogues end with the same line, and the movie’s credits roll to Jennifer singing Deep in the Meadow, whose lyrics are in the epilogue. My favorite thing in the epilogue though, which felt like a nod to book fans, is Peeta and their son playing with a dandelion. Overall, we feel that the movie epilogue was well adapted. Kudos to Francis!

- Tiffany

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