Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Conga Line of Continuity

We're encouraging a fan site conga line of continuity! We're hoping it looks like this.
Lionsgate, are you listening? The fans are yelling out to whoever wants to listen, "We NEED CONTINUITY!" This is a concern that I believe is fair to say every fan is clamoring for, and we cannot stand by hoping to see if Catching Fire will deliver. If you haven't already, read Tiffany's Victor's Village post about continuity. READ IT! This is the first of many (we hope) posts from across the web that will echo across The Hunger Games fandom and hopefully into the minds of those at Lionsgate. To which we are naming: The Conga Line of Continuity.

It's been apparent through the special features of The Hunger Games DVD that the producers and those involved have the right idea of how to honor the text through film and satisfying the fans' concern. We know they are listening. But how loud of a racket do we need to make? We're just trying to set this fan concern into motion. Why is it so hard for Hollywood to get things right? I love the Harry Potter movies, but after the honeymoon period of the films coming out, I am just realizing how poor they ended up being as adaptations. Most of those films separately are fantastic films and works of art, but we lost continuity. For me, losing the continuity lost the integrity of the movies overall for me. Isn't the whole point of films to tell a cohesive story?

anyone notice how Tiffany ended her VV post?
 I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sick and tired of franchises falling short. I know that different directors mean different visions, but can't we reach a middle ground? All we're asking is to please not assume that everyone has read the books, plan a pay off for every set up, and have the tones of the first film echo in Catching Fire. Catching Fire is a continuation of the trilogy, and like all trilogies, should function as one unit. So far The Hunger Games franchise has gone above and beyond to honor the text and satisfy the fans. Therefore, I feel we have an opportunity to have the most faithful and cohesive film franchise in recent history. Come on guys, give us a reason to want to hold a Hunger Games marathon!

So Hunger Games fans and fan sites, this is your invitation from us to our rockin' continuity party. There will be pie and punch. Won't you join our conga line of continuity by speaking out?