Monday, February 25, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar 2013 Roundup

Obviously our fav moment from the press room

'Atta girl!! Hunger Games fans around the world tweeted their literal tears from the news of Jennifer Lawrence winning Best Actress at The Oscars last night. We were very touched to hear so much support from fans, and the feeling is mutual as we sort of feel like very proud parents. Congratulations, Jennifer! We could not be happier and of course we wish you ALL the success in the world.

Jennifer's Dior dress was out of this world, and somehow it didn't seem like the night would be complete without Jennifer tripping on stage. This is so endearing to us, probably because we feel that Jennifer is a good representation of what we would be like if we were in her position.

So check out our Oscars 2013 Jennifer round up below! The videos below are all hilarious, particularly her interview in the press room. Though I wouldn't miss out on that Jack Nicholson video, either.


Jennifer in the press room  <----- HILARIOUS!

Jack Nicholson crashes Jen's interview

Jennifer Lawrence LOVES Al Roker

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More photos under the cut!

Photos: JustJared

Videos: EW and Today