Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mockingjay Films Destined for Oscar-Bait?

In case you haven't noticed, we've paid attention to Mockingjay a lot. It's my (Courtney's) favorite of the books, and is the biggest reason as to why I fell in love with the books. Catching Fire may be Tiffany's favorite, but she understands the importance of the third installment as shown in our combined efforts of our Mockingjay Mockup series. This ongoing research project was to educate fans at a time when the splitting of the books was up in the air as well as to launch discussions, spread cinematic ideas, and to keep us busy while we wait for more Hunger Games films. In our last edition, we voiced our concern because as mentioned in a recent Francis Lawrence interview Danny Strong was working on Part 1. The specifics of that statement worried us since it seemed that Part 2's fate was up in the air.
If you've been following the news recently, THR has released the news that Strong's part 1 has been approved by Lionsgate and...::drum roll please::.... He's been given the go ahead to start writing Part 2!! Huzzah! Now that this has been cleared up, we can show you the 5 signs that Mockingjay has its best chance to be Oscar-bait.

1. Man, Lionsgate really likes November

It's no coincidence Lionsgate has scheduled the rest of The Hunger Games films to be released in November, it's just enough time for those old farts at The Academy to consider Mockingjay for nomination. For this reason we're forgiving Lionsgate for scheduling world premiere fan camping during winter.

2. Award worthy actors

It was Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, and Woody Harrelson among others we were shocked and excited to be brought into our franchise. But when it was confirmed Philip Seymour Hoffman was to be involved, our jaws dropped to the floor. Put that together with two time Oscar nominated (and let's hope soon to be winner) Jennifer Lawrence, I think it's fair to say we've got a fighting chance.

3. Once, twice, three times a golden naked man

It took three times for The Academy to notice the cinematic genius of The Lord of the Rings, so having three more movies means three more opportunities to be acknowledged!

4. Subject Matters

So Lionsgate sets the films for Oscar season, but that's because Lionsgate believes in the story Catching Fire and Mockingjay delivers. Mockingjay has required millions of buckets for creys all over the world. That's a tell-tale sign of Oscar-bait, people.

5. A Strong script is EVERYTHING

See what I did there? Danny Strong has won awards up the wazoo for his work on Game Change. The fact that he won for a project with political themes no doubt got Lionsgate's attention and a decision we have been applauding since the news broke. Actually, we have been over the moon about it. Researching for MM made us realize how complex the storylines are, and we trust Strong wholeheartedly to take it on. Now that he is moving on to Part 2, it is making us giddy with excitement and anticipation for those epic films. Most importantly, a good script is a must-have foundation for an Oscar worthy film. A great script can cover up a weak actor (of which THG has none), but the best actor can't make up for a bad script. So for that reason, we are thankful that Mockingjay has a worthy screenwriter.

Lionsgate, we wish the best of luck to The Hunger Games franchise and its Oscar quest. We hope it's a success, but we won't blame you if THG gets overlooked since it's kind of a crapshoot anyway. I mean, how much blood is Leonardo DiCaprio gonna have to shed on set before you give him an Oscar?!