Thursday, May 30, 2013

Capitol Couture Relaunches: Spring Issue!

CAPITOL COUTURE was founded prior to the release of THE HUNGER GAMES in January 2012 and has been established as the preeminent source for Capitol Fashion and Culture.In March CAPITOL COUTURE released the Special Edition: Capitol Portraits, an exclusive first look at Effie Trinket. And today’s launch of Issue One: Chroma Nouveau marks the first of many seasonal issues to come. Exciting to note that the featured designers showcased on the site are actual designers from the film including the costumer Trish Summerville too! Be sure to peruse the Spring Issue for exclusive new looks at CATCHING FIRE, Cover Stories, Capitol ‘Inspired’ Looks, Designer and Character Profiles, Guides, and more. We hope you agree that Capitol Couture Issue One: Chroma Nouveau is #OhSoCapitol!

It seems no Hunger Games marketing campaign is complete without a new relaunch of Capitol Couture!