Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Video: Cannes Catching Fire Red Carpet Interviews

In case you missed it, Catching Fire was promoted heavily at Cannes film festival this past weekend. Check out the interviews on the red carpet with Jennifer Lawrence, Sam Claflin, and Francis Lawrence:

Many of the things said are things we've heard before, but it is still cool to see what Francis Lawrence has been saying about his experience directing Catching Fire. He mentions that "There is very little that is taken out. There are some additional scenes with some of the characters like Plutarch and Snow". We also know that at least one Gale scene has been added, but still it is comforting to hear the closeness of the adaptation.

When asked about the difference between the first film and Catching Fire, Jennifer Lawrence says "Katniss is trying to get her life back together after the games and suffering from post traumatic stress". I have to admit this made my heart a little warm. One of the main issues of The Hunger Games trilogy is PTSD and hearing Jennifer talk about it, even just mentioning it, makes me really excited about Catching Fire.

But don't miss out on this last doozy. Hunger Games fans have joked for years about the CPR scene between Finnick and Peeta, and now we have proof that IT EXISTS. When asked about his favorite set moment, Sam Claflin said "giving Josh Hutcherson CPR, my mouth touching his was a beautiful moment, it will live with me for the rest of my life. We're meant to be together." What a bromance.

Photos from Capitol Catching Fire Party and Red Carpet

Photos from Cannes Catching Fire Photocall

Source: Yahoo!