Wednesday, August 20, 2014

UPDATED: #OLTM 21.08.14

We just got this photo in an email from! Other than the picture, all it says is 21.08.14. Could it mean we are in for a surprise on August 21?

Edit: 8/20/14 5:31 PM PST

Fans are receiving photos (including us!) -- but they are not landmarks anymore!

This one got sent to Courtney personally! 

This got sent to Tiffany!

UPDATE 8/21 10:58 AM here's another one:
from @17peeta
UPDATE 8/21 8:22 AM the next 10 pictures are from last night/this morning:



also from

from @JenniferUpdates

from @shluhp

from @volgafilm

from @volgafilm

from @volgafilm
from @wildcard17

from @IgrzyskaTHG

Another from!

From Down With The Capitol!
From Victors Village

Also from

From Fangirlish
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also from HungerTimes

From Fangirlish
From @SymbolRebellion

From My Name is Katniss Everdeen Mockingjay FB
From MockingjayPt1 
From @Ja1meUSA
From itslunaxxx
From Mockingjaypt1

From @fire_is_catchin

Looks like this last batch has not only been to fansites but former district mayors and fan of the week!

From @mauino22:

and My Hunger Games got this picture:

*Edit: 8/20/14 9:01 am

Looks like more photos showed up! Check 'em out:


From HGFiresideChat
From Panem Propaganda
Also from Panem Propaganda
From Le Geai Moqueur (thanks to for the tip!)

From @verdaera

So it seems that all these photos are landmarks from around the world, one guess could be a world tour for the premiere of Mockingjay part 1, but it seems like two are from Italy so maybe I am misreading that. Either way, something is coming tomorrow!

If you see any other pictures, make sure to tweet us @WtoD12! We will post other pictures if/when they show up!