Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The District 13 Cressida Hack

After the release of the Character posters, there is now a new update to the mobile District 13 site. To get the first hack you must use a combination of your mobile device and a desktop computer.

Here's what you do:

Go to on your mobile device. Connect with Twitter or Facebook.

Open TheCapitol.PN on your desktop and put Session ID located at top right corner into the page on your mobile device.

Your mobile device will display the District 13 HQ:

While your TheCapitol.PN on your desktop has changed to this:

If you notice on your device there are as many as 5 total hacks, but there is only one available. Touch 01 to perform the hack.

Move your device to keep the blue line in the area.

As you are hacking, your desktop will display a progress bar:

 As you can see on your desktop, you have unlocked the secret cressida file.

I hope we get more hacks soon!