Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mockingjay Part 2 - Los Angeles Premiere and After Party

Monday evening, the beginning of the end. After getting ourselves beautified, Courtney, Tiffany, Janine and I arrive at LA Live to enjoy one last Los Angeles Hunger Games Premiere. After spending days camping out for the first two premieres and jumping in line last minute after a shift at work last year, this year we got to have a mini reunion with our fellow fansite runners before getting our tickets to the movie and passes to the after party.

The fierce faces behind Welcome to District 12

The first thing that made this premiere stand out from the others was the INSANE WIND! We went from polished to THIS

Courtney being a beautiful butterfly flying against the wind
It was so cold and windy that the heaters they had initially wanted to put out kept falling over so we had to suffer. Though I was wrapped in the warmth of a faux fur coat, Courtney, the poor girl, had made incredible archery inspired accessories to her outfit that she wanted to put on display, so she suffered. 

Arm Guard 

Courtney also made President Snow inspired accessories for all of us!

After getting our amazing view at the front of the red carpet we waited until the stars arrived.

Taking selfies before the actual celebs showed

The drummers finally start and the red carpet begins! 

Meta Golding, who made a wonderful cameo in the film. 

My favorite little sister ever, Willow Shields, being incredibly adorable.

Elden Henson and Wes Chatham as the brother Star Squad cameramen, Castor and Pollux.

Literally my favorite person in these films because he's so incredibly hilarious in person, Sam Claflin.

Patina Miller, who was wearing the most beautiful dress and was so insanely sweet and a joy to meet.

The man at the helm, the amazing Francis Lawrence. I will always adore this guy.

The amazing and beautiful Stef Dawson who I can't even put into words how generous and wonderful she is.

The woman who made these films happen, producer Nina Jacobson 

One of my favorite fallen tributes, Alan Ritchson, who I dorked out over.

The great Jeffrey Wright who is always such a wonder to meet (and not only because he looks like Court's dad).

The incredible Jena Malone! Johanna is still my favorite.

I was beyond excited to meet Eugenie Bondurant, who plays the breathtaking Tigris. If you've followed our Mockingjay Countdown, you know how amped I was for Tigris.

The woman who started it all! Suzanne Collins, who Courtney got a wonderful hug from.

Saved this for last because NATALIE DORMER!!!! Need I say more?

Sadly, our picture opportunities with Josh and Liam didn't go smoothly, so we don't have those, and poor Jennifer got whisked through the red carpet after press photos. 

After the last of the stars made their way into the theater, we got to go in to see the last film for the first time! The cast and key members of the crew came onto the stage to give a final send off before the film rolled. Thankfully Janine had spare tissues, because I cried my way through that movie.

As we made our slow exit out of the theater, we got our passes ready to enter the after party.

aww yeah vip

As we ascended the stairs, the first thing we see is a three finger salute, which we had to take a picture in front of. 

For those about to kill totalitarian rulers, we salute you.

The entrance of the party was made to look like President Snow's mansion!

Thankfully there were no parachutes raining down on us at this point.

We filmed the way into the mansion, and you might catch a glimpse of JK Simmons to our right as we walked in.

A video posted by Welcome to district 12 (@welcometodistrict12) on

We entered the party and one of the first things you see in the middle of the room was a greenhouse filled with white roses, while the rest of the room was filled with red roses. We had such a wonderful time and the cast was all over. We even ran into Amandla Stenberg, who I had to gush over!

The VIP section was closed off with a Capitol symbol hanging over it, but we made our way over to say hi to some friends. Stef Dawson was awesome and took pictures with all of us!


We then ran into Jackie Emerson and told her about the Samsung experience, which they had at the after party! We all went over to check it out. Sadly they stopped doing the Faces of the Revolution posters because of the high demand, but we managed to take our own photos.

Sadly, the night had to end at some point (and that point was nearly 3AM) so we had some dessert with the other fansites and said our goodbyes. What a wonderful end to many years. It was a dream come true to get to have an opportunity like this. Thanks to Lionsgate and to the cast and crew! You made this girl's heart soar.