Monday, April 2, 2012 Interviews Ve Neill, Makeup Designer/Artist for The Hunger Games interviewed Ve Neill about the designing process of the makeup for The Hunger Games, along with prepping for Catching Fire and being a judge on the show Face Off. There's even mention of the infamous Seneca Crane's Beard Facebook page!
Since The Hunger Games is based on a very descriptive book, did you go into your meetings with director Gary Ross and production designer Philip Messina with a lot of specific ideas or did you follow their lead?

I obviously read the book first and then definitely read the script. You're hired for your knowledge and your expertise so I like to go in and say what I think and what I'd like to do, but ultimately we're the tool of the director. We have to go off his inspiration and what vision he has. You also work together with everybody. I worked very closely with Judianna (Makovsky), the costume designer, because all these visions have to work together. Nothing can be done independently of each other or you'll have a jumbled up mess. We all did work very closely together and we all brought our expertise to the table and we made a beautiful meal. [Laughs] 
[Spoiler alert] In the book, Peeta‘s leg wound is particularly gnarly and he eventually loses it. Was actor Josh Hutcherson's leg injury makeup more intense at any point because of that plot point?

No, we never talked about losing the leg. We did do part of a huge wound but we wound up not seeing a lot of it which was fine because I think it was too much. I think they showed just enough of everything to really get the point across of how severe the injury was, along with [Katniss'] burn. I think all of it worked out really well. 
Are you aware that Seneca Crane's beard has its own Facebook page now?
I did! I had to fight to get that beard and I'm so glad I won. I think Gary and Judianna thought it was too much but I said, "Oh, no, no, it's fabulous! We have to keep the beard!" It was one of the tests I got to do ahead of time and I'm so glad. It's an iconic look now which is pretty great.

With the huge success of The Hunger Games, the sequel Catching Fire goes into production later this year. Are you coming back?
Yes, I'm already prepping it in my head! [Laughs] I bought a paperback version of the book and I'm already going through and highlighting and getting all my ducks in a row so I'm really prepared this time.
You hear that, guys? She's the reason Seneca Crane's beard made it into the movie! Check out the rest of the article here, it's very insightful.