Thursday, October 10, 2013

#TickTock7 Reveals Relaunch of Capitol.PN and D.I.P.s

*NEW* Victors in Training clip!

Check out your district's productivity data

Looks like another beautiful partly cloudy day in The Capitol.

BIG NEWS! TheCapitol.PN relaunched today as part of the #TickTock7 moment, and it is mighty impressive. You can check everything from your new D.I.P to the weather in your district. It really is quite an upgrade from the original Capitol PN, but then again it's Catching Fire so everything is bigger and better this time around.

The coolest things we found were an extended clip from the film of the victors training (CLICK HERE TO SEE! IT'S AWESOME!) and a new official Peacekeeper twitter with the bio "It is our duty to maintain the peace within our glorious capitol. To be a citizen of Panem is to respect the law." YIKES!!