Monday, November 3, 2014

OLTM app update - Explore the D13 Hovercraft

The Our Leader the Mockingjay app has come out with an update powered by Mazda that allows you to explore the District 13 Hovercraft!

For this guide, we've used an iPhone, however it should work similarly for other devices. We recommend having a decent charge on your device since it does take a lot of power to do all these cool things.

First off, update that app!

Once it's finished, open the app and you will see this:

Tap the hovercraft.

You will be prompted to scan a Mazda logo. You can do this a few ways. If you have a Mazda vehicle handy, great! You can also print a Mazda logo and put it on a table. Or you can just simply search online for a Mazda logo like I did and scan your computer screen.

Once you've unlocked the hovercraft, you can swipe to learn how to explore the hovercraft. It works similarly to the District 13 schematic.

For the next part you'll need that Mazda logo again. It'll provide a target for the hovercraft model to render over. Once it says "Target Quality High" you should be good to go.

Each one of those aqua-colored hexagons can be scanned. Plus signs will demonstrate certain capabilities:

And tapping the hexagon with the banner and two chevrons will allow you to go inside the hovercraft and look around.

Take a look around and have fun!