Monday, November 3, 2014

The District 13 Schematic Bandana

Doesn't Effie's Bandana look familiar?
This weekend our team received an interesting parcel from the District 13 rebels. It came with a letter and a grey bandana with a schematic of District 13 on it. Super cool, right? Well that's all it appeared to us at first. I must apologize for us not seeing this sooner, we haven't seen any Mockingjay Doritos yet so we never even tried the Our Leader the Mockingjay app functionality. Sure it's cool to put Mockingjays all over town, but the District 13 Schematic function is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

care package from District 13 rebels
First of all, you do not need this bandana to check out the District 13 Schematic function. You can just as easily print it out using the app or for your convenience we have provided the direct link to the schematic below. So you need three things: a bag of Mockingjay Doritos, a print out of the schematic, and your device with the app.

Yup, this is what it looks like folks. Open the app and click on District 13 Schematic in the list at the bottom of the screen. You focus the camera at the CENTER of District 13 and when prompted you can move the camera back into a more comfortable position. It is best if it is completely flat and you are in a well lit room. Once you settle in, District 13 will come alive through your camera.

Keep your pets away because you know as soon as you set your physical schematic down on the floor that dog/cat will be on it faster than arrows to Coins. Or you know, someone being a dick and Godzilla-ing all over your shit.

Don't let your loved ones do this to you!!

You can swipe between three levels of character profiles, location labels, and the jawdropping cool 3D rooms. You can explore The Collective, Special Weapons,  Living Quarters, and The Courtyard. You may look silly spinning around in circles to see every square inch of a room, but its totally worth it.


Special Weapons

Living Quarters                            The Courtyard              

The Collective

Character Profiles (click for full version)






We were so blown away by this augmented reality experience, it's totally above and beyond what we expected for the OLTM app.  Go try it out!