Monday, January 14, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Wins Golden Globe!!

Photo: wesrias

The biggest news from last night's Golden Globes (at least for Hunger Games fans) was that Jennifer Lawrence scored Best Actress!! Her acceptance speech was very grateful towards her family and cast members, but not without total "J-Law" style quoting First Wives Club and implying that Harvey Weinstein murdered people to get Jennifer that win. Hands down the best acceptance speech of the night!

Here's the video of her acceptance speech:


Here is what she had to say in the press room following her win:

On her Golden Globe feelings: "So confused and so happy. Really excited."
What made her connect with the character: "Probably my love for the character, my love for David [O. Russell], and his amazing script."
Is there a song that sets you off like "My Cherie Amour" in the film? "'Come On Baby Light My Fire.' I was losing at tennis and throwing a total tantrum, so every time I hear that song I want to throw a tennis racket."
On feelings about working with Bradley Cooper and the Oscar nod: "I feel very good about both those things. Bradley is an amazing actor, an amazing actor to work with and an incredible person. I feel quite good about the Oscar nod. It feels quite wonderful."
On feelings toward the nickname J Law: "That's been going on for years. My, like, 7th grade teacher started saying J Law, so to hear Will Ferrell say that is incredible. I'll be getting lots of texts about that!"
On thinking about the Oscars: "That gives me a lot of anxiety, so no. I do think about them. I've been thinking about everyone in the cast. Me and the Oscars together gives me lots of anxiety."
On the dress: "The dress is Dior Haute Couture. I had about 40 people put me into it — no, three. I've never been good at walking in heels."
On taking the part: "Well, I was wrong for the part. I was way too young, but I guess we turned that around. We fixed it in postproduction."

Source: PopSugar