Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Victory Tour 2013: Online Convention

Hey guys! Victory Tour 2013, a fan convention FOR fans BY fans is now an online convention! Anyone can attend, and it's just $10 for registration. Check out their most recent post on VictoryTour2013.com:

After discussing how we can best support our audience and include as many fellow fans as possible, the Gamemakers have decided to convert Victory Tour 2013 into a 2-day online convention. This change will give us the opportunity to explore the incredible discussions we had planned while keeping the cost affordable for everyone interested in attending. Registration for this online convention will be completely separate from any previous registration and the cost will be $10 per person to attend.
Over the next few weeks, the website will undergo some changes and we will begin to refund all registrations that have already been purchased. You will need to register again in order to attend the online convention. Closer to the event dates, you will be provided with instructions on how to attend the online convention and will be asked to pre-register for the events you wish to attend.
Sessions and panels will be very interactive and include video conferencing and question and answer sessions with special panelists, group discussions and lecture-style sessions. If you would like to lead a discussion, please apply to lead a session in our Programming section.
More information about registering for the online convention, leading a discussion, computer requirements, and special panelists will appear on our website in the upcoming weeks.
Thank you for your support.

At least this way EVERYONE can attend!

Make sure to frequently visit VictoryTour2013.com and check out their Twitter too!