Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hunger Games Costumes at The Hollywood Show

Do you live in L.A? Come on down to The Hollywood Show convention THIS WEEKEND at the Westin Hotel by LAX.

If you are thinking of heading down there this weekend, you might wanna show up tomorrow (Sunday) as they are going to add Peeta's baker outfit to the collection. This morning they had Effie's reaping outfit, Katniss' reaping dress, her hunting outfit, and Haymitch's suit (that he wears in The Capitol).
Black Sparrow Auctions has many other costumes that they will auction off when the tour concludes which means that every stop will probably have a different set of costumes.

Tickets for The Hollywood Show are $20 and available at the door. Parking is $7 FYI.
We will have more information about the costumes later this week!

The Hollywood Show website