Thursday, October 11, 2012

WtoD12's 2 Year Birthday Giveaway!!

It's our 2nd birthday! HUZZAH! Two years ago today, we started our Hunger Games journey on Tumblr posting news, opinions, and discussions with other Hunger Games fans. Since then, we have had some CRAZY cool opportunities and our lives have completely changed! Before we get into giveaway details, we look back at our favorite moments in the past year:

Lionsgate visit to see the first full length trailer
Top 7 Hunger Games Memes (A discussion between Courtney & Tiff when Hunger Games memes were new)
The #HungerGames100 Puzzle hunt (our puzzle piece and the meme we made)
Meeting Josh Hutcherson
The Hunger Games MALL TOUR FRENZY!
Exclusive Premiere Photos
Fan Site Shenanigans in LA Times
Fan Site Shenanigans on ABC's Nightline
Tiffany on Celebuzz's 100 days of The Hunger Games
Video Coverage of The Hob Campground for HG Premiere
We get ridiculous for GARY ROSS IS BOSS
Fan site special feature screening @ Lionsgate!
Uncovering SECRETS of The Hunger Games BLU-RAY!
Our AWESOMELY HILARIOUS interview with Jack Quaid & Dayo Okeniyi
Why HG fans will appreciate Halloween Horror Nights @ Universal Studios Hollywood

We wanted to do a special giveaway for the occasion, so here is what you could win:

HG Magnet Set
Glass Mockingjay Candle

Mockingjay Lightbulb
Peeta Necklace
Gale Lanyard / Katniss Lanyard
But the coolest prize of all.....

A Hunger Games mini poster signed by the hilarious duo that is Jack Quaid and Dayo Okeniyi! We got this signed at the midnight release party where we had some serious fan site bonding.

So how to enter? Well, just fill out the form below and you'll be entered! The more social websites of ours you follow, the more entries! And of course, may the odds be ever in your favor.

*Contest closed. Stay tuned for winner announcement!