Friday, March 16, 2012

#HGFiresideChat Host Savanna New & Fansite Shenanigans in the LA Times

Fansite people eat and chat at In-n-Out
So I guess it must be said that last weekend was the best weekend of our lives. We met fansite runners who we have been dying to meet for months, when Lionsgate was nice enough to invite us all to the Hunger Games World Premiere in L.A. In the photo above, mostly everyone had just flown in and we all sat and talked at the In-n-out near the airport. Pictured above, Adam Spunberg and Savanna New from the HG Fireside Chat, and Shylah, Arianna, Flo, and Theresa from Down With The Capitol.

Needless to say, we all had a blast. Visiting The Hob campground on Sunday was one of my personal favorites (which there will be a big post about that day soon), as well as Livin' it up at the "Capitol Shore" for a fun party, and lastly the big premiere. You can imagine my surprise when I found this article in the Business section of the L.A. Times quoting none other than #HGFiresideChat host Savanna New!

And the studio reached out to the operators of fan websites, sending them "Hunger Games" goodies and inviting them to the premiere. Dozens came to Los Angeles for the event and even met for a party in Los Feliz on Sunday.
'They did so much stuff for the fans, it was crazy' said Savanna New, a Florida teacher who runs a weekly podcast devoted exclusively to 'The Hunger Games.'
'We were all really glad they didn't show the games, because it kept up the mystery and made us want to see it more.'
Not only was our friend Savanna quoted in the L.A. Times, but it even mentioned the party we had at the house all the fansites were staying at! Too crazy! The shindig was a festivity full of food, Hunger Games discussion, and even a livestream hosted by Adam and Savanna.

CELEBRITY SIGHTING! Aldrin, the District 2 Mayor at the legendary shindig in Los Feliz
#HGFiresideChat Livestream during the shindig. CLICK HERE to watch it!
We also hung out with the likes of people from, HG Girl on Fire, and the ever so awesome Sam Cushion. It was so heartbreaking to say goodbye to all these fine people! The weekend was without a doubt, LEGEN-wait-for-it-I-hope-you're-not-lactose-intolerant-because-the-rest-of-that-word-is-DARY. 

Stay tuned for a post on our AWESOME GIVEAWAY, our reactions on the movie, and our experience at The Hob campground.