Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Day The Fansites Met on ABC Nightline!!

It will live in infamy: The day the fansites met. It was a glorious day, and one I will not soon forget. Sunday March 11th, 2012. The fansites explored the Hob campground, interviewed campers, took photos with cast, and even met some too! But what happened afterwards was quite interesting indeed. We had a "barbecue" at one of the coolest places, the #CapitolShore. Interestingly enough, Nightline swung by the party! Fast forward to tonight, when Nightline showed a bit on The Hunger Games. It talks about the growing fandom, the fansite "barbecue", and a bit on Emily Ansara Baines, the author of The Unofficial Hunger Games cookbook.

You can watch the whole Nightline episode HERE at the ABCNews website. Skip to the second section of the video.

Check out some screencaps from the episode!

Kimmy from
There's Courtney with the headband, AJ, and Tiffany at the table.
WAY more pictures including awesome fansite people, and famous Adam Spunberg and Shylah Addante UNDER THE CUT!

#HGFiresideChat host Adam spunberg in front. D2 Mayor Aldrin behind Adam. There Tiffany at the table. And hey, some of our friends in the back!

Adam Spunberg, Victor's Village Rebekah in the white shirt back there, and there's Aldrin!

Its dark, but they're there! First row L to R: Aldrin, Kate Farrell, Amie(HGGirlonFire), Adam(HGFiresideChat). Top row: Shylah(DWTC), Courtney(me!), Rebekah(Victor'sVillage) and Savanna(HGFiresideChat). Maybe Tiffany is in there somewhere?

Rebekah, Aldrin, and Shylah. Theresa(DWTC) is back there too!
Closeup of me! AHH! Do you guys like my Mockingjay headband? My awesome friend Patty makes them and is so totally gonna sell them.
Crystal of's incredible cupcake!
Shylah gets interviewed! There's Aldrin in the back. That dude is everywhere! I guess it's his super Mayor of Panem powers.
Theresa, Shylah, and Sheila(HGGirlonFire)
Shylah gets her hair done. Pretty curls! Is that Crystal in the back?
And that my friends, was the day the fansites met.

But that's not all! We still haven't told you about our Hob campground experience! Expect a video soon!