Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We met Josh Hutcherson!!!

Courtney and Tiffany wait patiently for The Josh to appear!
Today Josh Hutcherson was on Jimmy Kimmel, so what's an L.A. Hunger Games fan to do? Stalk the stage door, apparently. The moment we knew Josh was appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, we had it in our minds not to attend the show, but to hang out by the stage door to possibly meet Peeta himself, Josh Hutcherson.
   So when today arrived, we finally got off the computer and met up with our good HG friend Amie, who you might know from HG Girl on Fire! We waited for a long while until both Nathan Fillion and Josh Hutcherson made their way to the long line of barricade.
Courtney, Tiffany, Amie, and Denise pose with Mal, I mean Nathan Fillion.

Josh makes his way down, Courtney prepares her book to be signed

The Josh.

Denise, Tiffany, Courtney, & Amie with JOSH!!

So, I (Courtney in case you didn't know) was the first one of us to encounter Josh,  and said hello and offered my sharpie but realized he has about three sharpies in his hands. So I said, "Do I give you? Or?" and motioned awkwardly. And Josh just threw his hands upward and shook them around saying, "It doesn't matter, I've got all these pens!". So he signed my book, and I inquired if I could have a hug. That's not weird right? Hugs are fun. Anyway, ever since the People's Choice Awards I was determined to score a hug from Josh. He said "of course!" and what a glorious hug it was. He moved onto Tiffany, Denise, and Amie, and then we got a picture with him!

I'm just gonna leave this here.

What a Hunger Games book signed by Josh Hutcherson looks like!

Pretty awesome day. Thanks so much to our partner in crime, Denise for taking the pictures!!