Thursday, January 12, 2012

Song by The Secret Sisters may be on the Hunger Games Soundtrack

MTV is reporting that The Secret Sisters, a traditional country music duo, have said that their song "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder" can be heard on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games.
The song by the country duo is a strangely auspicious pick for the movie about teens, far from home in a ruined world; it was written by the sisters in 2011, after they watched helplessly from Australia as their home state was ravaged by destructive tornadoes. And with their authentic, soulful country sound, Secret Sisters will be a fine addition to "The Hunger Games" soundtrack, which already includes contributions by Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire and The Decemberists—and, of course, a song recorded by Jennifer Lawrence herself.  
Sadly, there's no sneak peek to be had of "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder"; the song will be on their upcoming second album, and the version recorded with T-Bone Burnett (the composer behind "Hunger Games") will probably be under lock and key until the movie's release in March. But we'll keep an ear to the ground, just in case.
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