Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Suzanne Collins Almost Confirmed As An Executive Producer for ‘The Hunger Games’

Our friends over at Down with the Capitol have noticed something on the Lionsgate publicity site:
Today, while checking out Lionsgate Publicity, which has a bunch of official Hunger Games stills, press releases, etc, I noticed something called Fact Sheet with Synopsis. This fact sheet lists the main characters and corresponding actors, the movie synopsis, and behind-the-scenes production crew.  
Robin Bissell, Louise Rosner, and Suzanne Collins names are all listed as Executive Producers. But wait. Unfortunately, *credits not yet final is listed in the corner of the fact sheet. It’s not official yet, but we like the idea of an almost confirmation. Hopefully once the press junkets begin sometime in late February/Early March, the mystery of the Suzanne Collins/Executive Producer saga will be solved.
 Once it's confirmed for sure, we'll let everyone know!