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The 30 Most Memorable Moments of 2011!!!

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2011 was a year of incredible excitement! Awesomeness was had in preparation for the upcoming release of The Hunger Games film. We want to take a look back and remember all the cool stuff we experienced in 2011. In the beginning, we started on Tumblr. We're still on Tumblr, in fact it may be our favorite place to post stuff! But since then we've expanded too. January in 2011 was about three months after first creating the tumblr where we got our start. These days we go by Welcome-To-District-12 on Tumblr, but for mostly all of 2011 we were known as F***YeahDistrict12.

In examining the most exciting moments, we actually had to bring this list down to 30, there are just too many! We've organized them by date, so check it out!

January - February

Not too much going on in these months, no official news. Just fan art and book discussion. The calm before the storm.

1) March 18th - The Day the Fandom Gets Its Katniss
I wasn't sure what to think at the first whispers, but one thing I was happy about was Jennifer Lawrence's caliber of acting. Soon after when Suzanne Collins said why exactly she chose her, I boarded the JenLaw train.

2.) March 19th - The Day We Got 1000 Followers

3.) April 15th - The Day of the Mysterious Anon - Panem October
This was the beginning of the Panem October madness, which at first solely existed on Tumblr. We would receive frequent messages from the "GamemakerAnon", who often left us clues to find out what was to happen next. The Panem October excitement was great for the fans at a time when nothing official was going on.

4.) April 19th - The Day The Capitol Is Watching Tumblr Emerged
Soon after Panem October made its appearance, a great tumblr came into being called TheCapitolIsWatching. We collaborated with them, and it even led to me being on the HG Fireside Chat. It was a great time for the fandom. Unfortunately, most likely due to the workload required for such an esteemed tumblr, The Capitol Is Watching no longer exists. Still, we remember this tumblr and what it did for the community. 

5.) April 20th - The Day I Decided Our Tumblr Name Was a Blessing
At first I was taken aback by the fact that people seemed to flock to our little blog because of the name. At this time, many flocked to our tumblr thinking we only existed because of Panem October. I just chose F***District12 because, well, District 12 is awesome. Their rebellious nature, and given how despite the horrible conditions, there lied a sort of freedom within people's hearts that could not exist in those of other districts. So when Panem October gave out districts to people, many of those put in District 12 flocked to us. I decided all this was a good thing and took on that additional role of making sure to keep on top of all things Panem October. It was such a weird coincidence, but really I owe Panem October for those extra followers. But there's something even bigger I owe them for...

6.) April 21st - The Day We Found Out About The HG Fireside Chat
We still don't know who sent this email to everyone. Panem October people? HG Fireside Chat people? We don't care either way, this email informed us of the HG Fireside Chat's existence! We became regular listeners after this email was sent out. 

7.) May 18th - The Day We Saw Katniss For the First Time 

8.) May 21st - The Day We Saw Set Photos, And More in the Upcoming Weeks
 Click to see what floated around the Internet in May: HERE, HERE, and of course HERE

9.) May 23rd - The Day Lionsgate Announced Cinna's Casting During The HG Fireside Chat
Anyone remember when this happened? Pretty sneaky, Lionsgate. Actually it was quite an awesome moment.

10.) June 5th - The Day The Fans Saw Just How Hilarious Jennifer Lawrence Can Be
::breaks dude's glasses:: Was that really necessary? Probably not.

11.) June 20th - The Day My Dreams Came True: Appearing On The HG Fireside Chat For the First Time
Ever since that email I DREAMED of being a panelist on the HG Fireside Chat. These days I get to be on every now and then and every time I do, it brings me incredible happiness.

12.) July 18th - The Day We Went Legit With A Website
At this point in the year, I truly wanted a website. With all the fan interaction that was going on, I wanted a more versatile platform, not to mention I wanted to reach out to more fans as not everyone has a tumblr. Though I wish they did, haha. Also I wanted to be a little more family friendly.

13.) July 18th - The Day I Stood in Lavender Brown's Shoes - The Potter Games
Please tell me you've played The Potter Games! It is a great collaboration between fans who love The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Not only that, but there are more games such as the Rebellion, the Horcruxes, and The Hogwarts Games!

P.S. From those who brought you The Potter Games, make sure you all check out the epitome of awesomeness: THE FANDOM.

14.) July 20th - The Day Lionsgate Came to Comic-Con

15.) August 28th - The Day of The First Official Hunger Games Teaser
"Though we can't prove it, we're confident that it wasn't any of the celebrities, awards or performances that gave the VMAs the biggest viewership in the award show's history, but the debut of the official Hunger Games teaser, giving us our first look at Katniss in action AND Rue's four-note melody." -Tiffany

16.) August 29th - The Day TheCapitolPN Emerges and Tiffany Officially Joins Me in My Quest of Hunger Games Blogging
Tiffany had been helping me here and there with my blog, but as she herself was being sucked deeper and deeper into the fandom, we officially became the Welcome To District 12 DUO. Oh and TheCapitol.PN showed up! Pretty nifty!

17.) September 19th - The Day Tiffany Joined the Victor's Village Team
A great addition to Victor's Village! If you don't already regularly check Victor's Village, I suggest you do! They post insightful and hilarious opinions!

18.) September 22nd - The Day of the Hunger Games Price is Right Showcase
I LOVE the Price is Right, and just so happened to be watching this episode when I almost spat milk all over the place from surprise and excitement!

19.) October 11th - The Day of Our Internet Birth

20.) October 27th - The Day the Character Posters Arrived 

21.) October 31st - The Day We Interviewed the Genius Behind Rat Girl Studios
Our first interview! Rat Girl Studios is my favorite fan artist!
22.) November 3rd - The Day We Realized the Orange Backpack Joke Was More Widespread Than Once Thought
Look at all them notes! The orange backpack joke originated on the HGFireside Chat. Ever since a lengthy discussion about whether Katniss' backpack in the movie is orange or not, the orange backpack is a thing.

23.) November 7th - The Day We Went to the Comikaze Expo

24.) November 12th - The Day We Died: Going to Lionsgate for a Prescreening of the Hunger Games Trailer
We were so honored, hung out with awesome Hunger Games fans, we laughed, we cried, we had a ball! Click HERE to check out Tiffany's account.

25.) November 14th - The Day The Hunger Games Trailer Came Out
"Sleep deprivation aside, all of us fans were awake early (super early for us west-coasters) and excited for the theatrical trailer to premiere. We all gathered around our TVs and live streams to see the world premiere and Josh Hutcherson on Good Morning America. That morning, Hunger Games fans all over celebrated our fandom's official debut with posts, graphics, gifs and more." -Tiffany

26.) November 14th - The Day of The HG Fireside Chat's Best Episode Ever 
Well, in my opinion anyway haha. This was the episode of the Trailer Bash and it was the most fun I have ever had being on the HG Fireside Chat! We analyzed the trailer second by second, it was a bash!

27.) November 29th - The Day We Finally Figured Out What We Are All About 
We finally have all our social networking pages match the Welcome to District 12 name! Huzzah!

28.) December 5th - The Day the Composer Changed 
We were sad to see Danny Elfman go, but glad that they switched to a composer whose expertise is scoring action movies, yay!

29.) December 15th - The Day of the Great Puzzle Hunt
We were so thrilled to be a part of this viral campaign to unveil the most recent Hunger Games Poster!

30.) December 22nd - The Day of the First Official Hunger Games Song

Image Credit: emilthg
We hope you have enjoyed our list of the best moments of 2011! If we had all this excitement pre-movie last year, then who knows what this year will hold? Thank you to all who supported us on Tumblr and all who support us now! We love you all! 

-Courtney & Tiffany