Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Fame: Suzanne Collins" Why You Should Pre-Order!!

For those that don't know, Sara Gundell of Hunger Games Examiner has written a comic about Suzanne Collins' life. We have heard a lot of buzz about this project over the past few months, and at last the preordering stage has commenced! We have gotten an opportunity to take a look at it to review, and we must say that it is quite awesome and interesting! Especially if you are a comic person, this is not one to be missed!

By owning this comic, you can find out Suzanne's backstory as well as what aspects of her childhood influenced her to write the compelling story we've come to enjoy and love. I think our favorite aspect is that it goes, in detail, what stories from Greek mythology inspired Suzanne to form the story structure of The Hunger Games.

Do not delay in pre-ordering! This product is expected to sell out once it becomes available. The only way to guarantee your copy is to head over to and preorder your copy today!

Preorder Fame: Suzanne Collins today!