Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Star Squad: Today's Poster Reveal!

Hey guys, Yesterday we posted about an INCREDIBLY AWESOME Hunger Games fan film project that is doing a kickstarter this month in order to raise funds. If you haven't check out that post, DEFINITELY check that out now.

Every day they are coming out with new content to get you excited about Star Squad! So today we are posting their Dr. Aurelius character poster.

 Please donate to this awesome project! Tiffany and I have met personally with the people in charge and those involved and we are quite impressed with it all. These aren't just some ordinary joes who want to make a fan film, these are EXPERIENCED people with connections! Rest assured if they reach their goal, Hunger Games fans are in for a very special treat.

Here's Woody, Caroline, and Brendan to talk about their exciting project:

So, Hunger Games fans, please DONATE!! If you do, you will be getting a SWEET Star Squad 451 patch as well (pictured above). Also, it would mean THE WORLD to us if you could mention WELCOMETODISTRICT12.COM when you are donating. If we have the most donators coming from our site, then we'll get to host part of the film RIGHT HERE!!

If you want to find out more about this amazing project, go HERE for the kickstarter page, which is full of awesome information about the project, and about those involved.

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