Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get A Physical DIP Card!!

Yesterday, news released that Lionsgate and Cafe Press partnered together to make the DIPs so many fans made an actual reality!
In a special promotion beginning on February 14th and continuing throughout the lifetime of the store, fans will also have a chance to create a free District ID Card* through a new exclusive HYPERLINK ""Hunger Games Facebook application that will be available within the CafePress shop.  Any fan that registers for an ID card through the app can claim a physical ID card that shows among other things their district and job assignment. Existing "citizens of Panem" can also claim their free  HYPERLINK "" The Hunger Games ID card* through the app.

While this continues to be one of the coolest marketing campaigns we've ever seen, we hope that they will eventually allow those who registered with Twitter to be able to sign in so we can get physical DIPs too!

Get your physical DIP HERE