Friday, February 3, 2012

NECA Merchandise! Check out what the fan sites got!

As we pass the #HungerGames50 milestone, not only have received the trailer and opportunities abound to win tickets to The Hunger Games premiere, but the major fan sites announced the new line of Neca merchandise and that they are for sale RIGHT NOW!!

Head on over to to check out all the amazing merchandise! There is so much!

Fan sites such as Down With The Capitol,, and The Hob received a box full of different merchandise, and some sites are even giving some of it away next week!

See what cool merch the fan sites got under the cut

What was in Down With The Capitol's box?
Gale Hawthorne Action Figure
The Hunger Games Slouch Beanie
District 12 Prop Replica Arena Bag
Poster Art Shoulder Bag
The Hunger Games Beach Towel
The Hunger Games 50″ x 60′ Fleece Throw

What was in's box?
Strategy Game
Mockingjay Gyroscope Necklace

Mockingjay Cord Necklace
Peeta Action Figure
Mockingjay Socks
District 12 Training Shirt Replica
Definitely keep an eye out!
will be hosting a giveaway after they review
these items. Also check out their post to see
something in the strategy game that shows us
the first picture of Mrs. Everdeen!

What was in The Hob's box?

Mockingjay Hoop Earrings
Match Case Single Chain Necklace
4 Magnetic Bookmarks
District 12 Pajama Set
50" by 60" Fleece Throw

Keep an eye out on The Hob too as they are also giving
away their merch! Head over to The Hob this coming
Monday, February 6th to find out details on how to win!