Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games Midnight Showing - Our Experience and Yours as Well!

As promised, we will share our Midnight Showing experience! And some of YOU shared with us your pictures and stories as well so of course we will be including those. Check it out to see how some Hunger Games fans spent their Midnight Showing!

Welcome to District 12:

On March 22, 2012, Welcome to District 12's Courtney, Tiffany and Denise, along with our group of friends, went to see The Hunger Games at midnight in the Cinerama Dome at the ArcLight in Hollywood.

Our group outside of the ArcLight and an accurate representation of all our personalities.
Clockwise from the left: Michelle, Chelsea, Patty, Tiffany, Janine, Denise & Courtney
The bread in our mouths comes from our Hunger Games pre-movie snack: District 11-like bread, goat cheese wrapped in basil, apples and beef jerky, all in a basket.

We're all sporting our Hunger Games headbands made by our friend Patty, and eventually we all ended up with Katniss braids done by Denise!

The rest of our story and others' midnight showing experiences after the cut!

Of course we made shirts with puffy fabric paint!

Self promotion! Also check out that Mockingjay Court drew in fabric paint.
An inside joke. We kid because we care, Liam.
We got a couple people asking to take pictures of us, INCLUDING a guy who, after taking a picture, said that he was a producer for The Hunger Games.

A wall of Hunger Games movie posters inside ArcLight
Fans taking pictures
The Welcome to District 12 team
Tiffany photobombing Denise and Janine
We ran into Barbra who plays Katniss for The Katniss Chronicles!
And if you hadn't already heard, we were VERY SURPRISED to find out that GARY ROSS (yes, director of The Hunger Games) was at our midnight showing AND he introduced the movie and did the "turn off your cell phones" spiel that ArcLight employees do before every movie.

All in all, we had an excellent midnight showing experience!

And here are our Reader submissions!

"For my midnight showing, I dressed like a Capitol citizen inspired by The Girl on Fire! Lots of shades of red and black. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the red wig has bits of tinsel in it and the scarf has lines of sheet music on it. (I actually made that scarf. How un-Capitol of me!) My nails were a mix of OPI's You're Such A Kabuki Girl! and an unlabeled copper polish that was in my mother's closet. Unseen in any of these pictures, but I was wearing suede boots with four-inch wedge heels. Sadly, not many people saw my outfit due to the fact I showed up to the theater late! Like, running-through-the-parking-lot-in-those-boots-at-12:05 late. It's all good though because I found a seat fairly easily and made it in time to laugh at the Breaking Dawn, Part 2 teaser.
Sobbing into her ice cream

I have to say that my midnight showing was quite successful, especially for going to a theater that doesn't usually doesn't hold midnight showings! I live in Atlanta, but instead of going to the big theater in Atlantic Station, I went to a smaller theater in Dunwoody, which is a suburb on the edge of the Atlanta Perimeter. As a result, I was one of four people in the theater who actually dressed up. There were plenty of fans who were there though. I had some nice, but brief conversations with a few of them before and after the film and there was plenty of cheering, giving the District 12 salute, and, at one point, a group of mostly guys on the right side of the the theater simultaneously shouting "TEAM PEETA!" I usually don't approve of Team Peeta/Team Gale shenanigans, but the fact they were guys and mixture of Gale's disappointment in the scene that followed made it quite hilarious to me.

Anyway, after the movie and talking about Catching Fire with the other people who dressed up, I tottered back to my car and back home, then proceeded to attempt to drown my feelings about Jennifer Lawrence with the vanilla ice cream my mom has stashed in her freezer. It didn't work as well as I would have hoped. I still have so many feels that I'm sure my dad is going to have to deal with when he comes to see it with me next week. As well as any Steampunk who's actually seen it when I go to Huntsville next weekend for that Revenger party."

(Be sure to check out her blog! March has been her Hunger Games month, and it's full of posts about The Hunger Games in a retro-futurist context!)


Loran went to see the movie at Universal Citywalk!

Her Katniss outfit - she even wore gray contacts!

(top) Reaping day hair; (bottom) Arena hair
Her best friend Kelly dressed as Primrose Everdeen
Georgia Wilkinson:

"This was the chocolate in the chocolate game at the cinema taken before we went in."


Midnight premiere pictures!

Maggie Beans:

"Here is my friends and me at the midnight premiere! We were so beyond excited, as we've been waiting for this for, what, 3 years now?"

Angelica Sorauf:

Check out all of this great cosplay!


She's in the green! We're digging the Seneca Crane beards!

Thank you so much for everyone submitting! We love all of your pictures and comments about your midnight screening experiences!