Saturday, March 17, 2012

Suzanne Collins Best Selling Kindle Author of All Time

It's no surprise! I(Courtney) read the Hunger Games Trilogy several times on my mom's Kindle before I finally got a set of my own. My mom had just received a Kindle and was quite astounded she could download Mockingjay at midnight when the book came out. In the weeks leading up to Tiffany reading them, I would ask quite frequently, "Are you gonna read the Hunger Games?" Imagine my relief when she finally said, "I have it downloaded! I just have to finish this book first". It seems the Kindle has been a big part of many Hunger Games fans' experience when reading the books. With Harry Potter not yet on the eBook market, it's no surprise that Suzanne Collins is the Queen of the Kindle.

Amazon does not release sales statistics for the Kindle, so the exact number of copies sold is unknown. However, the three books in the Hunger Games trilogy -- The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockinjay -- hold the top spots on Amazon's Kindle sales chart for 2012. The print version of the trilogy has sold about 23.5 million copies since the first book was published in 2008.
Amazon also announced the 20 cities in which The Hunger Games books are most popular based on sales per 100,000 residents.
The list shows the broad appeal of the books but also reflects that the series is most popular in West Coast cities with strong technology economies and reputations as libreral hotbeds and sunbelt cities perceived as more conservative. The top spots are held by high-tech hotbed Sunnyvale, where Yahoo has its headquarters, and conservative Salt Lake City, home of the Mormon Church.
See the complete list: 
1. Sunnyvale, Calif.
2. Salt Lake City
3. Tallahassee, Fla.
4. Seattle
5. Orlando
6. Pittsburgh
7. St. Louis
8. Provo, Utah
9. San Francisco
10. Naperville, Ill.
11. Washington
12. Richmond, Va.
13. Scottsdale, Ariz.
14. Wilmington, N.C.
15. Murfreesboro, Tenn.
16. Vancouver, Wash.
17. Portland, Ore.
18. Tampa, Fla.
19. Overland Park, Kan.
20. Norman, Okla.
Source: THR