Friday, March 9, 2012

ArcLight Cinemas To Give Away 'Survival Packs' and Framed Autographed Poster

Considering Courtney and I and all of our friends have midnight screening tickets to see The Hunger Games in the Dome, we are excited to hear that ArcLight Cinemas, an upscale movie chain in the Los Angeles area, will be giving away 12 "Survival Packs" and a framed autographed movie poster!
Starting Sunday March 11, the countdown to THE HUNGER GAMES begins!
To lead up to the opening of the much anticipated movie release of THE HUNGER GAMES, ArcLight is hosting a series of challenges, giving fans a chance to win a THE HUNGER GAMES "Survival Pack" and the chance to win a framed autograph movie poster.

How to Participate:
  • Fill out the information on the Facebook "HUNGER GAMES Promotion" on ArcLight's fan page.
  • Complete the challenges posted each morning within 24 hours and submit your picture showing your completion (Note - the final challenge will only have 12 hours to complete)
  • For each properly completed challenge, you receive 1 entry.
  • You do not have to enter each day, but the more days you do, the better chance you have of winning!
Bonus: The first person to complete the challenge and post their picture each day will win a THE HUNGER GAMES t-shirt and Mockingjay pin.

ArcLight will announce the sweepstakes winners on March 23, 2012. ArcLight will randomly choose 12 names for each of the 12 districts to be the winners of the "Survival Packs." One of those 12 lucky winners will then be drawn to win the framed poster.

You must be present in all of your photos. If other people are included, you must have their permission before you post.
Keep everything clean and fun. No violence, weapons, nudity or anything that would potentially offend a family audience.
We can't wait to see what these survival packs may contain!

 Source: ArcLight email newsletter