Monday, March 19, 2012

Live in L.A.? Whimsic Alley Holding Release Party!

For those who want to go ALL OUT for Thursday...
Whimsic Alley hosts “Hunger Games”
Release Screening and Party March 22

(Los Angeles) To celebrate the March 23 release of the first “Hunger Games” movie (expected to be the next huge blockbuster to attract fans of fantasy/science fiction movies), Whimsic Alley, Southern California’s premeire destination for fans of Harry Potter, fantasy and sci-fi, will be hosting a very special release party Thursday night, March 22 (8pm – 11 pm), which also includes admission to the midnight showing of the film.   This is expected to be the largest fan-based event in the country related to the “Hunger Games” release.

It is anticipated that guests will arrive in elaborate Panem costumes. They’ll be greeted in a red carpet ceremony outside Whimsic Alley. Once inside they’ll  be separated into one of the 12 districts (as detailed in the popular “Hunger Games” trilogy, by Suzanne Collins), partake of food samplings from each district, and witness  a reaping—a lottery selection of the 24 tributes,  Tributes will then compete on behalf of their “district”. There will be prizes and Hunger Games giveaways for everyone in attendance. There will also be a fully-hosted open bar for adults over 21.

Following the party, guests will be transported to and from the movie theater, in style, on “Capitol-style” buses. ”We’re anticipating some rather elegant and outrageous costumes,” says Stan Goldin, owner and creator of Whimsic Alley and host of the huge event. “We know what our fans are capable of, and have been encouraging them to dress up for the occasion.”

The price is $98, which includes all the festivities, the feast, the open bar, transportation to and from the theater, admission to the movie, and  a $35 Whimsic Alley gift card.Whimsic Alley, widely regarded as the largest source of Harry Potter merchandise in the world, also carries a good selection of Hunger Games products. Its Great Hall banquet facility has been the venue for many themed parties and events.  Whimsic Alley is located at Wilshire Blvd. (4 blocks west of LaBrea) at 5464 Wilshire Blvd.  For info, call 310-453-2370, Ext 407 or visit